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ChangeWorks? approach to change in organizations is based on the central concept of belief-based learning ? our personal and common beliefs are the most important factors in determining both our perceptions and our experience.

ChangeWorks has helped numerous organizations deal effectively with the tremendous change that is the hallmark of the world today. Our services include:

  • "Change: Opportunity or Obstacle?" a one-day Workshop for all employees to understand, accept, and plan to prosper in an environment of constant change.
  • "How to Help Others Deal Effectively With Change," a two-day Workshop for managers and supervisors who are charged with leading change in their organizations.
  • "Diversity: A Permanent Advantage," provides a model for understanding conflicting perceptions and experiences including the serious breakdown in human relationships that can occur. Participants examine the potential for making diversity a permanent advantage for their organization.
  • Additional skill-building workshops that develop people?s abilities to understand, accept, deal effectively with, and prosper in today?s environment of constant change:

Further information about all of these Workshops and services is available. Contact Cherryl Mitchell, President, ChangeWorks, Inc.

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