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ChangeWorks will help you and your organization produce:
  1. Strong, customer-oriented supervision and management;
  2. A customer service team whose members are empowered and able to solve customers’ problems; and
  3. Enthusiastic, highly skilled employees whose focus is on understanding what their customers want and providing it for them.

Our services include:

  • "Excellence in Customer Service," a one- or two-day Workshop for all employees to help them identify their internal and external customers and to consistently provide superior customer service. This Workshop can also include how to deal more effectively with angry and difficult customers.
  •  "Managing for Excellence in Customer Service," a one- or two-day Workshop that helps managers and supervisors continue to develop the skills to establish and reinforce customer service excellence throughout their organization.
  • Additional skill-building workshops that help participants significantly improve their customer service skills:

Further information about all of these Workshops and services is available. Contact Cherryl Mitchell, President, ChangeWorks, Inc.

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