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ChangeWorks provides several specialized services to help you and your organization achieve superior quality, higher productivity, increased customer satisfaction (for both internal and external customers), and improved employee morale and job satisfaction. Our specialized services include:
  • FACILITATION SERVICES ° Our Senior Associates help cross-functional groups of your organizationŇs members successfully resolve critical work concerns by facilitating your problem solving, decision making, or planning process.
  • STAFF RETREAT SERVICES ° We help you gather data from all staff members and facilitate a Staff Retreat to identify, define, openly discuss, and resolve critical work-related issues.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING SERVICES ° We facilitate the development of Strategic Plans for organizations in both the public and private sectors.
  • TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT SERVICES ° We help your organization thoroughly and systematically assess the training and development needs of your people at all levels and in all areas.
  • TRAIN-THE-TRAINER SERVICES ° We help your organizationŇs personnel plan for and conduct effective training sessions that directly impact quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee morale.
  • TOTAL QUALITY SERVICES ° We help your organization develop, implement, and improve your Quality Process.
  • INTEREST BASED BARGAINING AND ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION ° We help your organization develop, implement, and improve the ĎpartnershipË relationship between management and labor.

Further information about all of these Workshops and services is available. Contact Cherryl Mitchell, President, ChangeWorks, Inc.

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