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Services include a review of the organization's existing structure to evaluate each position's required job skills, knowledge, and abilities to determine the value of each position in the organization. We identify the method that best fits your company's culture, using either point factor system, market system or a combination. This review includes a set of recommendations for alignment of positions in today's job market.
Regarding a Compensation Study:

The top three benefits that the team offers include the speed of processing information, the price, and the flexibility of the organization.

- Satisfied customer

Upon completing job descriptions, we help determine the relative worth of jobs to the organization by establishing an organizational hierarchy within the organization. The team of experts can assist you in furthering the organization's strategic objectives and work with your total compensation system to promote pay equity.

Our trained professionals can put together a customized compensation plan for you based on market information, which includes prevailing market rates, incentive plans, overtime pay, starting wage rates, base pay, pay ranges, and vacation and holiday practices. We compare your jobs to those in comparable, competitive labor markets. Benchmark market rates are used to create the hierarchy of jobs and pay plans.

Regarding a Compensation Study:

I give the quality of the salary and benefit study a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 with a five being the highest.

- Satisfied customer

Do you need help determining the right amount of benefits to stay competitive and retain and reward valued employees?

Our professionals guide you through a needs assessment process that includes:

  1. Analyzing the organization's strategy
  2. Reviewing the organization's total compensation philosophy
  3. Assessing the employees' needs
  4. Reviewing the current benefits
  5. Conducting a gap analysis. We recommend the right benefit strategy for your organization and industry providing maximum advantages as well as connections to service and product providers.
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