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ChangeWorks has a proven track record of helping clients significantly
improve their negotiation process and their negotiation skills. We teach
people to get their interests met (get what they want), in any situation.
At the same time, they learn to help others get their interests met, and to
strengthen the long-term relationship. Our services include:

  • "Getting to the Best 'Yes' Together," "Negotiation Skills," one-day and multi-day Workshops that help people get what they want, in any situation. Participants significantly improve their negotiation skills.
  • "Interest-Based Bargaining," and "Alternative Dispute Resolution," one-day and multi-day Workshops that improve the labor-management relationship. Our Senior Associates have developed an effective process to significantly improve cooperative labor relationships.
  • "The Influence Process," consulting and, as required, training to help individuals and organizations realize the benefits from improved
    negotiation, influence, and bargaining processes.
  • Additional skill-building Workshops that help participants significantly improve their negotiation skills:

Further information about all of these Workshops and services is available. Contact Cherryl Mitchell, President, ChangeWorks, Inc.
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