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ChangeWorks believes that your technically-trained and technically-talented people ° engineers, systems analysts, accountants, scientists, technicians, specialists, and others ° are the core of your organization. We specialize in helping technical professionals develop their supervisory, management, and leadership skills as well as specific technical skills such as problem solving, decision making, consensus facilitation, technical writing, technical briefings, and others.

Our services include:
  • "Leadership Skills for Technical People,"
    a one-, two-, or five-day Workshop that helps people
    make the transition from doing the work to getting things done through others ° for pre-supervisors, new supervisors, and experienced supervisors who want to sharpen their skills.
  • "Problem Solving & Decision Making," and "Team Problem Solving," two- or three-day Workshops that develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of your key technical professionals who can then focus those skills on critical organizational issues.
  • "Project Management," training that enable individuals and work teams to deliver excellent job performance and superior results.
  • Additional skill-building workshops that develop technical professionalsŇ abilities in selected areas such as:

Further information about all of these Workshops and services is available. Contact Cherryl Mitchell, President, ChangeWorks, Inc.

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